how it works

1. Schedule a stop from The Shoe Shine Guys by calling 734.645.2286 or emailing

2. Bring your shoes and repairs on your scheduled date to your office for service during your business hours

3. We come to you, pick up your shoes, and shine them right on the premises in our fully-equipped shoe shine truck, and return them to you in just a few short minutes - you don't even need to leave your desk!

4. Repairs are taken to our cobbler shop in Canton, and delivered back to your office within two weeks.

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New life for old favorites

Men's high quality shoes can be repaired seven to ten times and men's heels can be replaced ten to fifteen times. You can get twenty years or more from high quality shoes.

Women's high heels have a familiar "click clack" when the heel tip wears or falls off. Unfortunately, with the way shoes are made today this seems to happen more quickly than most of us would like - often after just a few wears. That is one of the reasons we use Avanti heel tips. 

Re-Invest in the investment that you already have in your closet. Let us bring new life to your old favorites!

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